Reebok Classics/Complex Media

Client:Reebok Classics/Complex Media
Project: “Rick Ross Live in Las Vegas”
Industry: Entertainment.Media
Services: Video production/Live Webcast
Special features: Jib Camera, Projections

Video Destination planned and executed a 3-camera video shoot and webcast for a show by Rick Ross and Tyga at the Caesar’s Palace nightclub, Pure. We handled all the video production, streaming and front-end page development. The video production was special in that we used a 30 foot jib camera to capture great crowd shots and get breath-taking views of the Las Vegas skyline.

We also projected the entire show on a wall overlooking the Las Vegas strip. We added a Twitter feed to the pages and encouraged the audience to participate. Lastly, we integrated a panel below the video player that linked back to Shop Reebok to purchase the gear the performers were wearing that we updated throughout the show

We delivered full-res clips to the promotional folks for immediate release and recorded high resolution files for editing.

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