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    New Platform Converts Live Streaming Video into Revenue Stream

    The third iteration of Video Destination’s ZWASP platform, ZWASP 3.0 promises to expand the video experience by combining high-level audience engagement with real-time reporting. Now you can interact with your audience, register viewers, generate sales leads and revenue, and engage in e-commerce all as your video content unfolds. You can configure and mange these new features and more through Video Destination’s new client portal.

    Highly scalable, ZWASP (Video Destination’s Webcast Application Service Platform) offers increased security by limiting multiple use of log-in information, and all of your transactions are handled via PCI compliant

    ZWASP also offers pay-per-view capabilities, allowing you to charge online participants for different levels of access to web streaming of different conference segments.

    With ZWASP you can use live video streaming for more than promoting brand awareness, or expanding remote access to business meetings. Now you can run contests, audience polls, and receive real-time insight into the audience experience as they view your content. Post email management allows you to stay in touch with viewers and extend the life of your event.

    ZWASP delivers:

    • Pay-per-view capabilities
    • Huge audiences via cloud servers
    • Enhanced security
    • Extensive user information in real-time
    • Client portal for do-it-yourself management and direction

    Don’t wait until your live event is over and your potential customers have left the virtual building. Turn passive viewers into participants who can interact and communicate with content producers instantaneously.


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    Bring Old Family Movies Back to Life for the Holidays

    Remember those home movies with you running down the beach naked as a baby that your dad insisted he drag out at every family gathering?

    Are those films or video tapes collecting dust in some forgotten shoebox because the devices that created them don’t exist anymore? Video Destination can convert all of your old media to digital formats like DVD or web video, just in time for the holidays.

    With Video Destination, your valuable original media are in the hands of highly skilled experts who take great pride in delivering the quality results you expect.

    It’s simple: Snail mail us your original media in any format, and we deliver it back to you in the format of your choice.

    Our specialized services include:

    Transfer to DVD

    All of our direct-to-DVD transfers use industrial DVD recorders to ensure the highest quality.

    Transfer to Digital Video

    Transfer your physical media to Pro Res, AVI, or other digital post-production formats.

    8mm Movie Film Transfer

    Covert your super 8 or 8mm movie film to a digital file that you can edit. Using our cutting edge technology, we give you the best possible “flicker-free” motion picture film transfer by scanning each frame individually.

    Transfer to Internet Platforms

    Preparing video for the Internet is our specialty. We can transfer your physical media to online video services like YouTube, Hulu, Brightcove and more. we can also work with your meta data to optimize your content for the web.

    Audio Conversions

    In addition to video, our production specialists can transfer audio from cassettes, albums, mixed tapes, and reel-to-reel tapes to CD, or the electronic format of your choice.

    DVD Duplication

    We can produce multiple physical copies for all of the above services. We can even assist you with custom printing, labeling, and packaging.

    Our video professionals are here to help. Call or email us for a free consultation

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    Video Destination Rebrands Online Video Service Offerings, Launches Four New Websites

    NEW YORK, July 17, 2012 — Video Destination (, a leading provider of online video services, has introduced new branding for its offerings via four new websites.

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    Video Destination’s Return to New York Fashion Week: Fall 2012

    Following in Video Destination’s tradition of webcasting New York Fashion Week runway shows, we are proud to have streamed our 9th consecutive season, Fall 2012.

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    New at Aspect Ratio Calculator

    In our ongoing efforts to make online video as easy as possible to implement for every business — and, of course, to please the Internet gods — we’re pleased to present the first in a suite of tools: the aspect ratio calculator. Resizing video for any online destination has never been so simple.

    Try It Out

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    We’ve Been Feeling Social

    Stay connected with us via social media for the latest updates on Video Destination news and links to the best online video content we can find on the Web:

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    Video Destination Digital Media to Webcast New York Fashion Week Events for Eighth Consecutive Season

    New York, September 8, 2011 — Video Destination Digital Media (, a leading provider of video production and webcasting services, is pleased to announce its continued participation in New York Fashion Week for the eighth consecutive season.

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    Video Destination Digital Media to Webcast Swizz Beatz’ Performance at Reebok Classics Event

    New York, August 22, 2011 — Video Destination Digital Media (, a leading provider of video production and webcasting services, has been selected by lifestyle/entertainment content provider Complex Media to webcast a live event marking Reebok Classics’ “Reethym of Lite” campaign.

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    Video Destination Digital Media Acquires Destination Video

    Destination Video’s video production and high-volume digital asset management capabilities complement Video Destination’s suite of online video services

    New York, NY (PRWEB) June 02, 2011 — Video Destination Digital Media (, a leading provider of video production and webcasting services, announced today the completion of its acquisition of boutique video production specialty firm Destination Video Inc. ( With more than eight years in business, Destination Video serviced thousands of clients as one of New York City’s leading post-production and duplication facilities. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

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    Streaming Media: “Get Your Video on the iPad, iPhone, and Android Devices”

    Video Destination president Gary Kahn participated in a panel discussion at Streaming Media East ’11 (the panel was later turned into an article for that looked at the challenges organizations face when trying to get their video onto iOS, Android, and other mobile devices.

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