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Ztechnology Move To The Cloud

zTechnology: The Silver Lining of Our Move to the Cloud

We continually look for ways to enhance and improve our services for clients, though sometimes the new changes remain hidden behind the scenes. One such upgrade is the recent migration of our registration and player logging services to the cloud. (“The cloud” essentially refers to the online storage of files, which enables them to be downloaded from any location on demand.)

By moving these services from physical servers in a data center to a secure cloud-based storage solution, we can provide much better scaling and load balancing services for your online videos and webcasts, enhancing stability, security, and ease of audience accessibility.

We’ve always been well-equipped to handle a large audience for our video streams, but now we can create new servers quickly, which arms us with the ability to handle tens of thousands of concurrent users for interactive webcast features. (As an extension of our continued high level of service, we can also dedicate a server specifically for your company — which may help you sleep easier.) We believe that audience interaction during a live streaming event is the future; therefore, we’re pleased that the cloud allows us to more quickly provide robust interactivity via our player for things like pre-webcast registration, post-event surveys, live Q&A, and audience polls.

Player logging collects data to give us a count of how many people viewed a video. With our enhanced services via the cloud, we’re able to deliver much more accurate reporting: Previously, in some corporate settings users would appear to come from one IP address; in our new model, the video player creates a unique ID for each user’s browser through a Flash cookie.

Finally, using cloud architecture is much less costly than using physical servers, which allows us to continue to deliver competitive pricing while greatly increasing our capacity.

We hope you’ll agree that in this case having our heads in the cloud is actually a great thing. To learn more about our migration to the cloud, please contact our sales manager Jules Levitt at 212.989.4812 or [email protected].