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Webcast Add-Ons Include Interactivity, More Customization

We’re constantly looking for ways to improve upon our existing products and services, and 2012 will be no exception. Our new webcasting features include a range of completely customized video player options, designed with our clients’ needs in mind. Our just-released proprietary ZPlayer has a wide range of benefits to both our clients and their webcast viewers.

A robust feature set increases ROI, visibility, and mileage out of events
Constantly evolving, our player’s latest features put the focus on viewer interactivity and lead generation:

  • Increase viewer engagement through add-ons like polling, chat rooms, calendaring, “Submit-a-Question,” and social media integration (Facebook, Twitter, Yammer). Users can participate in real-time during the live webcast.
  • Capture leads through webcast registration forms and view valuable viewership data through the our powerful reporting engine. Even behind corporate firewalls, accurate stats are easy to obtain via the player’s reporting suite.
  • Widen event audiences by making webcasts accessible to more viewers via closed-captioning and translation.
  • Enhance the impact of your branding by incorporating a multi-pane player that can display a live webcast alongside your own or a sponsor’s branding. Multi-pane players can also effortlessly incorporate slides or other stills into a webcast player.

A high-level of customization provides the key to speed and ease of integration
Elegant and seamlessly integrated, our player provides total flexibility both technically and aesthetically:

  • Creating customized media players is something we can now do lightning-fast. You choose your design and plug-ins, we quickly put the components together and deliver exactly what you need.
  • Automatic multi-bitrate switching now comes standard to all of our players, allowing the player to adjust based on the viewer’s connection speed and ensuring the video looks as best as it can within the given parameters.
  • Adding on a motion graphics package gives webcasts the ultimate “TV-like” experience.

Built on open source standards for maximum flexibility and support
Our latest player version was built by a team of top action-script programmers and embraces standards like Open Source Media Framework (OSMF), Adobe, and XML. For non-techies, this means easier integration with other applications and websites, as well as a flexible development framework that can be supported for years and years to come.

  • Our player can now support more than 100,000 simultaneous viewers and loads faster than ever before.
  • In the event of streaming issues, the player will automatically begin debugging and search for errors, notifying us in the event of any problems so you and your viewers don’t need to worry. Users can also send us troubleshooting messages directly through the player.
  • Android support has been added to the platforms the player supports (others include iPhone, iPad, iPod, and more).

Read more about our customized video player here.