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Top 10 Ways Webcasts Can Elevate Your Corporate Meetings

The first few months of 2012 have been chock-full of webcasting projects here at Video Destination, a large number of them involving the live streaming of internal meetings: executive briefings, town hall meetings, press conferences, earnings calls, and shareholder meetings. Although the mix of industries has been diverse — from cosmetics to publishing to finance and more — the benefits of webcasting these events for our clients remains largely the same across the board. Regardless of what line of work your company is in, it’s a great time to start thinking about how live broadcasting your meetings can produce tremendous results without tremendous expense.

1. Generate excitement about your upcoming event.
Announcing a webcast can build anticipation and enthusiasm for your meeting, thereby giving it greater visibility and a higher profile. Staff members who are present at the meeting tend to be more engaged when they know it is streaming live, and employees watching remotely are eager to feel part of the happenings they were unable to attend in person.

2. Tie in social media applications for maximum interactivity.
By integrating your webcast with Facebook or Twitter, you can give employees a means to communicate in real time with executives or other colleagues via an interface that’s familiar to them.

3. Slash corporate travel budgets.
Rallying all employees to a single location can be difficult to coordinate and very costly. Eliminate the need to fly staff out for regional or companywide meetings by allowing your employees to participate in the event virtually.

4. Foster a culture of inclusivity. 
Streaming your internal events live makes it easy for employees unable attend the meeting in person to feel like they are in the room. Whether they normally work off-site, are home sick, or have scheduling conflicts, employees can tune in from wherever they are to hear important messages in real time. Making your webcast compatible with mobile devices means even staff on the road can watch live.

5. Solicit feedback via polls or Q&A features.
As in any meeting, interactivity is vital to engaging your audience. Leverage involvement by incorporating features that allow employees to ask questions in real time or take surveys or polls to vote on important issues that will allow you to quickly gauge staff sentiment.

6. Add a registration form to track viewers and send reminders.
Although public events can benefit from lead generation via registration forms, internal meetings can also make good use of the feature. Asking employees to register for the meeting means you’ll know exactly who attended online; you can also use this data to send reminder and follow-up emails.

7. Incorporate slide visuals into your live presentation.
When your message needs the impact of a visual aid, integrate a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation into your webcast. You can opt for a multi-viewing pane player, in which the presentation displays alongside the speaker’s live streaming video, or simply show the presentation with audio.

8. Include executives at different physical locations in the same webcast. 
When key speakers can’t be in the same room at the same time, multi-location feeds give you the ability to stream live broadcasts of what’s happening in several places simultaneously.

9. Make meetings accessible to all employees, regardless of language or disability. 
Features like closed-captioning and multi-languages give you the ability of displaying text of speaker’s audio within a video player — and give your employees the ability to follow along in real time.

10. Archive the meeting and make the video available year-round.
After the event, you can make video available online for as long as you desire, increasing the longevity of your message and allowing for convenient viewing by both current and future employees.

To learn more about how Video Destination can make webcasts work for your internal meetings, please give our sales manager Jules Levitt a call at 212.989.4812 or email him at [email protected].