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Quick, Easy & Low-Cost Ways to Get Video on Your Website

Every company, big or small, is looking to get on board with online video today. Posting video to your company’s website creates a terrific opportunity for showcasing what your company does best. We understand that each company’s needs and resources are different — which is why our service offering ranges from merely hosting or editing existing video all the way through to handling every moving part of a complex, large-scale video production.

When you’re looking to dip your toe into the online video pool, the simple tips below can help get you started on the path to a professional, effective online video.

Use what you already own
In today’s digital age, many people forget about the older video they may have stashed away because it’s on a reel, VHS tape, or other outdated physical format. With a bit of editing, this archival video can be a hidden treasure when you’re looking to celebrate a milestone or highlight your organization’s rich history.

At Video Destination, we have the means and expertise to convert a wide range of media formats to digital versions you can post on your company website, upload to your social media profiles, display on laptops at trade shows, or even broadcast on a big screen at corporate events.

Also, video does not necessarily need to include live footage. Adding a voiceover or music to a visual presentation can turn a one-dimensional slideshow into a vivid and compelling piece of digital media. We offer inexpensive options for pairing your PowerPoint or Keynote presentations or graphics with audio, as well as customizable video players with features like translation, Q&As, and closed-captioning.

Experiment and let loose your inner creative
When you have employees who are handy with a digital camera or adept at taking video on a smartphone, utilize these in-house resources to create a rough video sample of your project’s vision that professional videographers can later recreate. Shooting a non-professional but well-planned version of what you have in mind for your video can help shave countless hours off of a final professional video production, ensures that the production team understands your expectations, and can also be a lot of fun!

We are always happy to work with clients who have recorded their own preliminary versions of video projects, since being on the same page is a crucial step in achieving online video success. Our flexible pricing plans also give you the freedom to eliminate time from the scope of the project when you present us with a rough cut of what you desire.

Put it down on paper
When you have a specific idea in mind for your video project, using your in-house talents to outline the story and details in advance can be a huge saver of both time and money.

First, think about the following questions: Who is your audience? What story are you telling? How do you want your company to be perceived? Next, map out the story by drafting a written script, creating a visual storyboard, or simply jotting down your ideas on paper. Providing the initial outline for your video helps you to more fully articulate your vision, which in turn helps your video services provider deliver what you wanted while cutting out hours of filming and post-production time.

Hire a videographer
When you’re simply looking to capture an event on film or shoot an interview with one of your company executives, hiring a cameraman to come to your office can get you great HD video for a fraction of the cost of a more complex production.

Our pre-packaged half- and full-day solutions offer broadcast-quality video production at Internet prices, delivering the best value for any budget and a simple way to deliver your video directly to Internet destinations like YouTube, Vimeo, and more.

To learn more about these and other ways of starting out in online video, please contact our Sales Manager Jules Levitt at 212.989.4812 or [email protected].