Feature Spotlight Registration

Feature Spotlight: Registration

What is it?
Registration is an optional add-on to Video Destination’s proprietary video player (zPlayer) that allows businesses to capture information about potential viewers in advance of a webcast.

We offer two main types of registration features: Basic registration, designed primarily for lead generation/information-gathering, simply prompts users to fill out a short form immediately before they would like to view a video.

The other type of registration is used to establish dialogue with prospective viewers. We can customize a form with whatever fields you desire and start collecting data from users well in advance of your live streaming event. Companies can use the data in order to approve the webcast viewers on a rolling basis, to coordinate with email campaigns, or to get a better idea of the total number of potential viewers.

How it works:
When you are looking to attract leads, hosting a registration-required webcast gives you the ability to track whatever pieces of personal data you desire (making various fields mandatory or optional): things like name, email address, title, company, phone number, how the user heard about your company, and more. We collect this data on your behalf and provide it to you after the event so that you can reach out to potential sales leads.

When you are looking to actively communicate with your audience, registration allows you to monitor sign-ups, vet viewers based on your own criteria (we can handle the whole verification process for internal or other non-public webcasts), send email reminders, and target messages based on viewership or personal data.

All of our clients receive reports on viewership data after the event, but due to privacy issues, only those using registration can track the data back to webcast statistics like how long a particular viewer watched, when they logged in, and more.

Registration is a fantastic tool for lead generation: If your main reason for hosting a webcast is to attract new business, capturing viewer data is an extremely valuable benefit that allows you to engage with your target audience and provides you with deep insight into who your viewers are.

Once users have registered, you will have the ability to send them reminder emails about the webcast, as well as follow-up emails after the webcast has finished — this communication can be the start of a long-term relationship that results in new business.

For more on how you can make registration part of your next webcast, please give Jules Levitt, Video Destination’s sales manager, a call at 212.989.4812 or email him at [email protected].