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3 Reasons Summer’s Perfect for Your Videography Project

Sure, when you think of summer, things like the beach, barbeques, ice cream, and swimming pools probably come to mind before “videography.” Still, there’s no better time than summertime to cross off that video project that’s been lingering on your to-do list for most of ’12. Whether you’re looking to beef up your corporate website with executive interviews, capture your products or services in action in advance of a big fall campaign, or shoot footage of an employee event to post to your company’s internal site, obtaining professional-quality digital video can be instrumental to your success.

Here’s why now’s the best time to book your videography project:

1. Your schedule is less jam-packed than usual. With it being prime time for vacations and people using their time off, summer generally means most industries will slow down a bit. With fewer big deadlines, it’s the ideal time to get some backburner projects taken care of — especially ones that will pay off big come fall!

2. Those big fall campaigns are coming up soon. Speaking of fall, things ramp up fast in September for most companies. From Fashion Week shows to rebranding initiatives to large-scale event planning and beyond, video can play a major role in your sales and marketing efforts. Having the footage ready to go in advance can be an invaluable timesaver when crunch time arrives.

3. You can take advantage of Mother Nature’s gifts. Summer means longer days with more daylight, as well as (generally) better weather than the winter brings. This is advantageous for any shoots taken outdoors, and more hours of sun means more hours for good natural lighting when filming indoors.

When your office or event is in NYC, we can send one of our award-winning videographers (armed with an HD camera) to your office quickly — sometimes in a matter of hours. Our flexible, budget-friendly packages make getting what you need simple and affordable. Learn more here, and email or call (212.989.4812) Sales Manager Jules Levitt today to set up your shoot.